About Made In Cannabis Inc


  • Launched Made In Cannabis to realize his dreams
  • Loves old-fashion joints made from pungent smelling buds
  • Favourite weed brand is Atlas Natural History
  • Inspired by Amsterdam cannabis cafes
  • Loves all music, rock and roll, hip hop and country
While traveling across Europe, our founder, Tim, was inspired by the famous cannabis cafes of Amsterdam. He chose to found Made In Cannabis in Summerside Edmonton for the love of cannabis, to connect great people to great products, and to realize his dreams.

We are passionate in serving and educating our community to help people navigate through the quickly evolving cannabis industry. Our strong drive to provide a high quality and safe experience makes our humble weed shop a top destination for customers across Edmonton.

Our Amazing Cannabis Sales Team


  • Joined Made In Cannabis for the love of cannabis
  • Loves cannabis flower and pre-rolled joints
  • Favourite weed brand is Original Stash and Redecan
  • Going to school to study graphic design
  • Favourite musical artist is Post Malone


  • Joined Made In Cannabis to support local cannabis community
  • Enjoys the ritual of rolling joints
  • Has a third-degree blackbelt in Taekwondo
  • Favourite musical artists include Car Seat Headrest, Kendrick Lamar, McClusky, Brockhampton, and the Pixies


  • Very interested In the Cannabis industry
  • Enjoys Cannabis flower
  • Owns 4 tarantulas
  • Loves to listen to VGM and other artists such as Roy Brown and Bob Krosby


  • Interested in how the Cannabis Industry will grow
  • Favourite Cannabis products are flower and topicals/oils
  • Likes mutiple brands including Pistol and Paris, Ness, and Back Forty
  • Keeps reptiles as a hobby, has a successful lineage of show ball pythons
  • Grew up listening to Honeymoon Suite


  • Loves all things weed
  • Enjoys An old fashioned bong rip or a couple pulls from a vape
  • Likes Pure Sunfarms for their consistency
  • Lived in the UK and spent many years living on the west coast
  • Musical tastes vary from metal to jazz, grime and DNB to progressive rock
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