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Cannabis is now legal in Canada, and with legalization has come a whole new world of legal marijuana. To help you navigate the new cannabis landscape, click the shop now button.
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Made In Cannabis

Made In Cannabis was created in honour of the shift towards a healthy new outlook for cannabis in Canada. Our mission is to provide a clean, safe and comfortable environment for our customers to enjoy. Our vision is to create a modern and upscale cannabis dispensary that exceeds your expectations. We pride ourselves in providing an exceptional customer experience, during every interaction. Our goal is to expand our local pot shop so we can better serve our customers across Edmonton, while still providing the best cannabis shopping experience.

Friendly and Knowledgeable Team

Our customers love our friendly team that always makes you smile. We carefully listen to your needs and provide helpful recommendations. We’re always learning from the marijuana industry and licensed producers to provide you with the latest information on marijuana products.

Best Cannabis Prices in Edmonton and Surrounding Area

Are you tired of overpaying for cannabis? We’re proud to offer the best cannabis prices in Edmonton! How? We closely monitor market prices and trends from our supplier and competitors and only buy the best deals we can find. We pass on our savings to our customers.

Your Favourite Selection of Weed Brands

Every weed shop in Edmonton claims to have the best selection of products. But, we actually asked our customers in a survey to list their favourite cannabis products and brands. Now, we carry a huge selection of only your favourite weed products. We listen, because we care.

Chill and Relaxing Store Vibe

Our marijuana dispensary in Edmonton has a chill and relaxing store atmosphere. We play your favourite beats and even have colouring books to share. Our team carefully listens to your needs to provide a human and interactive shopping experience.

Prompt Communication

Do you get frustrated when you call or email other pot shops and they don't respond? We understand how you feel! We pride ourselves in answering every phone call and responding to every email. If you have a quick question: use our live chat feature below. Our friendly team at the store will respond to your questions within a few minutes.

For the love of cannabis,
we’re so glad you found us!

Made In Cannabis was Made In Canada for great experiences inspired by passion, cannabis. We understand that our customers are the most important part of our marijuana dispensary. The local communities that we serve are the foundation of our existence. We aim to exceed your expectations to create the best possible dispensary experience, every single time. We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt and overcome challenges, while providing professional service with a smile. We keep our menu stocked with exciting cannabis products from your favourite Canadian marijuana producers at the best possible prices. We’re honoured to have the opportunity to serve you and create a lasting impression.

Made In Cannabis

Summerside, Ellerslie, Edmonton
Cannabis Retailer

1803 91 St SW
Edmonton Alberta
T6X 0W8
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Be responsible. Learn about cannabis!

In the United States, political and racial factors led to the criminalization of cannabis in the early 1900s. In 1923, Canada followed suit with the Narcotics Drug Act Amendment Bill introduced to Prohibit the Improper Use of Opium and Other Drugs...
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