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Our Mary Jane Mission

Made In Cannabis was created in honour of the shift towards a healthy new outlook for cannabis in Canada. Our mission is to provide a clean, safe and comfortable environment for our customers to enjoy.

Our vision is to create a modern and upscale cannabis dispensary that exceeds your expectations. We pride ourselves in providing an exceptional customer experience, during every interaction.

Our goal is to expand our local pot shop so we can better serve our customers across Edmonton, while still providing the best cannabis shopping experience.

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Our Values
  • Integrity, honesty and sincere respect in all interactions
  • Educating and supporting members of our local community
  • Offering high quality products at the best prices in town

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Our Story

While traveling across Europe, our founder, Tim, was inspired by the famous cannabis cafes of Amsterdam. He chose to found Made In Cannabis in Summerside Edmonton for the love of cannabis, to connect great people to great products, and to realize his dreams.

We are passionate in serving and educating our community to help people navigate through the quickly evolving cannabis industry. Our strong drive to provide a high quality and safe experience makes our humble weed shop a top destination for customers across Edmonton.

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Our Rockstar Team

Weed Marijuana Cannabis Dispensary Near Me Edmonton


Owner | President

  • Launched Made In Cannabis to realize his dreams
  • Loves old-fashion joints made from pungent smelling buds
  • Favourite weed brand is Atlas Natural History
  • Inspired by Amsterdam cannabis cafes
  • Loves all music, rock and roll, hip hop and country

Weed Marijuana Cannabis Dispensary Near Me Edmonton


Sales Manager

  • Joined Made In Cannabis for the fun and excitement
  • Loves cannabis edibles, like Bhang caramel chocolates
  • Favourite weed brand contender is Redecan Redees
  • Loves playing online video games with her husband
  • Favourite genre of music is old-school reality (gangsta) rap



  • Joined Made In Cannabis for the love of cannabis
  • Loves cannabis flower and pre-rolled joints
  • Favourite weed brand is Original Stash and Redecan
  • Going to school to study graphic design
  • Favourite musical artist is Post Malone

Weed Marijuana Cannabis Dispensary Near Me Edmonton



  • Joined Made In Cannabis for the friendly atmosphere and community vibe
  • Loves high THC% indica joints or CBD-based flower from a pipe
  • Favourite weed brand is Solei CBD and Citizen Stash
  • Loves reading books and is currently learning to play violin
  • Loves music and knows 2,500 songs by heart

Weed Marijuana Cannabis Dispensary Near Me Edmonton



  • Joined Made In Cannabis to support local cannabis community
  • Enjoys the ritual of rolling joints
  • Has a third-degree blackbelt in Taekwondo
  • Favourite musical artists include Car Seat Headrest, Kendrick Lamar, McClusky, Brockhampton, and the Pixies

Weed Marijuana Cannabis Dispensary Near Me Edmonton



  • Joined Made In Cannabis to turn his favourite hobby into a career
  • Loves cannabis flower (sativa/hybrid) and vapes
  • Favourite weed brand is Batch, Kolab, Back Forty
  • Loves motorcycles, video games, music festivals, and esoteric wisdom
  • Favourite musical artists include Nekromantix, The Brains, Raygun Cowboys, and Mad Bomber Society

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